Ideal 8000

Advantages of Ideal 8000 profiles:

  • embedding depth: 85mm
  • 6-chamber profile
  • sealed glazing units of up to 48mm in width can be used
  • thermal insulation coefficient of profiles: Uf = 1.0 W/m²K
  • internal sealing system, with three gaskets
  • a higher window stability thanks to the stiffening properties of panes
  • a better thermal insulating power compared to traditional solutions
  • less instances of pane cracking due to faulty glazing
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These windows are made on the basis of the Ideal 8000 system, where a significant importance is given to reducing thermal parameters. It was possible thanks to increasing the profile embedding depth up to 85mm, applying the 6-chamber structure of sections and a sealing system of three gaskets. The standard version of these windows is equipped with 48mm wide triple sealed glazing units. The triple set of gaskets improves not only thermal properties but also acoustic insulation. Thanks to delineating by the third gasket the so-called dry chamber, inside which the fittings are affected by physical forces, the lifetime and durability of the fittings are improved. White Ideal 8000 windows are fitted with grey gaskets and veneered windows with black ones.


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